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Day 1: Explore Oslo as a tourist

• Breakfast at the hotel
• Sightseeing in Oslo by chartered bus and special guide
Akershus Fortress, the Ibsen Museum, the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the National Gallery
Alternatives: the Vikingship Museum, the Munch Museum, Holmenkollen Ski-jump
• Lunch
• Free time / shopping
Alternative: Visit Heimen Husflid (arts and craft shop/studio)
• Dinner in downtown Oslo
• Accommodation at a hotel in Oslo

Day 2: Gender policies and the parliament – Oslo
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Visit the Gender Equality Center
1) Lecture: "The Norwegian Ombudsman's Work"
2) Lecture: "Norwegian gender equality policies"
• Lunch
• Visit the Parliament - meet a woman politician
• Dinner and Accommodation at a hotel in Oslo

Day 3: Explore Norwegian traditions – home stays/home visits
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Free time / shopping possibilities
• Lunch. Taste Norwegian home-made specialities
• Transfer to Kongsvinger by chartered bus
• Cooking Course, together we make our traditional Norwegian dinner
• Accommodation: Home – stays. The inhabitants of Kongsvinger warmly welcome you!

Day 4: Women's history at the women's museum – Kongsvinger
• Breakfast at your host-family
• Lecture and mini-seminar at the National Women's Museum
• See the exhibition
• Lunch at the Museum
• Øvrebyen Arts & Crafts Shop – welcome to a womens enterprise
• Dinner at Åmodtgården, Kongsvinger Museum.
• Accommodation: Home – stays

Day 5: Practical gender equality – Kongsvinger
• Women's breakfast at the National Women's Museum
• Lecture by a representative from Come2 "Get inspiration and motivation- practical gender equality"
• Transfer by chartered bus
• Visit to Austbo – a home for aged people in combination with a kindergarden.
Lecture on "the history of this home"
• Lunch at Austbo, we join in together with employees and occupants
• Visit Kongsvinger City Hall, lecture by a local female politician
• Free time
• Dinner and Accommodation at a hotel in Kongsvinger

Day 6: The feminist university and NGO's – Løten / Hamar
• Breakfast at the hotel
Transfer by chartered bus
• Visit the Feminist University at Løten. Lecture: "Our feminist movement in the 1970's"
• Lunch and informal talks with the employees
• Transfer by chartered bus to Hamar
• Meet local representative of a NGO (non governmental organisation) for discussions
• Free time
• Dinner and Accommodation at a hotel in Hamar

Day 7: Gender equality in a man's world – Hamar
• Breakfast at the hotel
• Visit to Hedmark County City Hall. Lecture by a representative from Hedmark County on the topic "Gender equality policy in local government"
• Visit to the Norwegian Public Road Administration. Lecture: "Efforts taken to promote female influence in an extremely male dominated sector"
• Lunch
• Sightseeing at Domkirkeodden in Hamar. A declared Norwegian Heritage site
• Dinner at a restaurant in Hamar

We may as well arrange visits / lectures to a:
• Church
• Day care center
• Hospital
• Kindergarden
• Museum
• NGO (non governmental organisation)
• School
• Shelter
• Shop

Please contact us at: or by telephone +47 62 82 33 66 for more information.

Technical Visits Examples

Study Gender Equality in Norway
7 days Technical visits program

One day in Kongsvinger

One day in Oslo

One day in Hamar