Our studyprograms within gender equality consist of the following:
• Study Norwegian women's history (men included)
• Study our feminist movement
• Study our welfaresystem as of today (elderly care, childcare, disabled care etc,)
• Study our political system on gender policies
• Study gender policies in local Municipalities
• Study gender policies at County Municipalities
• Study a shelter as of today and it's history

We provide a series of programs which focus on the situation of women in Norway today. These programs are so far based in Hedmark County where a number of women hold leading positions, both in public and private sector. A seires of technical visits will provide you with practical examples of the roles these women play in our community. But we start at the National Women's Museum in Kongsvinger where you will find out about the pioneers of the female movement in Norway, and how their efforts have led directly to the development of one of the most egualitarian societies in the world. Click here for Japanese text.

TV 1: National Women's Museum in Kongsvinger
Subject: The history of the feminist movement in Norway

TV 2: Kongsvinger local county municipalities
Subject: Meet our women

TV 3: Kongsvinger Hospital
Subject: Women in health sector

TV 4: Kongsvinger Shelter
Subject: A shelter today and it's history

TV 5: The local Social Security office in Kongsvinger

Subject: Social benefits for women

TV 6: The Forestry Museum at Elverum
Subject: Women in forestry and agriculture

TV 7: The Women's University at LÝten
Subject: Education for women on women's premises.

TV 8: City Hall of Hedmark County at Hamar

Subject : Women in public sector

TV 9: The Gender Equality Center in Oslo
Subject: Gender equality in Norway

TV10: The Ombudsman in Oslo
Subject: The work of the Ombudsman

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Technical Visits Examples

Study Gender Equality in Norway
7 days Technical visits program

One day in Kongsvinger

One day in Oslo

One day in Hamar